Tinkerworld: April 2007
Monday, April 23, 2007

=A Moment of Reflection=

The past few months had been tough for me.There was a time when I thought things might not turn out well;I felt like things were not in its proper place where they were suppose to be;Several things that needed to be done yet left undone and so on and on and on.

In these moments of hardship and trials,I try to stay strong and on top of everything.Not by myself but with the help of prayers.For I know that God wont give me something I couldnt bear.There are a lot of things in life that are actually blessings but they come in the form of trials and pain and hardship.What seemed to be heartache at the beginning are actually the key to ones long-search for serenity.The real answers to our prayers may not be what we really had asked for but eventually, trust in God that He knows whats best.

Count your blessings...You've got plenty!I count mine.No matter how few it may seem to somebody,I still am blessed.My blessings are my blessings.Share your blessings,too.I dont have to say how I share mine but I do.

Listen...to your heart and to your instincts...Your instinct is your inner soul!At least for me,it is...

Learn how to forgive.It is in forgiving that you will learn how to forgive yourself...

Learn how to forget...This one may sound easy just as easy as I am typing it but it is hard.I am in the learning process...And everything takes time..Take it easy.Give me time.It will come.

You hate me?I will pray for you..Really i will.Again,it will be hard.But i will pray that God will help you get through your hatred.

Take care of yourself.Your emotions...your heart...your mind...Dont give a room for negative emotions to set in...Cry it out loud.Who cares?!?Those tears should flow out freely to cleanse your emotions..the sad emotions...they have no place in one's heart
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