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Saturday, December 24, 2005

greetings to all
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This was taken at the lobby of the empire State Building in NY City.Evening of December 20 this year...It's more than 100 floors!I think its taller than the Space Needle In Washington(from the movie Sleepless in Seattle).Ive been there August of 2003 with Uncle Joey in Washington...Both buildings were breathtakingly beautiful and amazing!Im gonna post more pics as well as my pics from my Washington trip in 2003.Those pics from WA may be two years old but they're worth seeing too...

Monday, December 19, 2005

My Sister April is now an RN!

This is my sister April Joyce..And am proud to say that she is now a full pledge RN!!!She passed the Nursing Licensure Exam in Philippines.A tough exam I believe because pahirap naman talaga ng pahirap ang Nursing Exam sa Pilipinas..And would anyone believe that it is even harder than the CGFNS exam?(it's one of the exams required by US for foreign grads,its also a nursing exam.)For me,the Phil Nursing exam was harder....But nothing compares yet to the NCLEX exam...So my dear April,Congratulations!All the hard work paid off..This is just the beginning,there's more to come.Just keep in mind that Nursing is a continuous learning experience.There's more beyond Nursing..Your journey to the wonderful art of Nursing is now bound to happen...keep it up...and blow out ko,asan na?At yun buhok mo,narebond na ba?
Friday, December 16, 2005

From this picture to this...kaya ko kaya ito...pano nangyari ito???how did I gain all this extra kilos???Am hoping and working on it...I just hope I can do this little by little especially now that the holiday season is coming..Gosh...sira na nga agad ata diet ko coz just last night I was a little bit busy having some "taste testing" session at our Nurse's lounge while the other three of my co-workers were busy with one patient...he he he..Kasi naman.there were like two basketful bags of swedish goodies and not only goodies but sweeties...And I spent about five minutes maybe with my "taste testing" session...without the knowledge of my co workers....cheating....
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Taken last December 3 when invited by a coworker to eat at her place.This was at Ate Nati's house,on my left.The dog's name is Bopis...Had a good meal..kare-kare!!!Kinalimutan ko muna ang diet for this night...
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Friday, December 09, 2005

Nurse of the Future

This is a funny caricature of a nurse...nurse of the future daw..as the picture speaks for itself,a busy nurse...one who forgets her own welfare for the benefit of her sick patients....
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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some of my pics in New York City yesterday

New York New York

went to New York City yesterday.It was so cold but fun...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Work Out#3
Just had Day #3 of my work out and I have already recovered from my body aches and pains from the previous two..So,I did good today back in the gym I guessAnd my body feels great really..I have more energy I think...I just need to polish my discipline when it comes to eating whew...And by the way,first time ko din to use their gym equipments and I enjoyed it....
Saturday, December 03, 2005

Last night I was pulled again to work in another area..to a specialty area mind you which is Gyne-Oncology floor...Ha ha ha...An area to which I dont have any experience at all...I was anxious but I would say I was not ignorant to what they were doing or talking about...Thank God and Im proud to be educated in the Philippines for that!Why?I dont wanna elaborate.....All I could say is that in nursing.most of the times,its not your skills,not your knowledge that counts to patients...A nurse's compassion to people is what matters to them...Nursing is about caring hey...And I guess this is one of my rewards as a traveller nurse,I get to gain more experience,i gain friends,(i hope no enemies,pls) plus I get to see places...I get the chance to travel and have fun and still work at the same time...
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