Tinkerworld: November 2005
Wednesday, November 30, 2005

another collage of myself...this is fun...

Work Out Work Out
By the way,last week,I enrolled in Bally Total Fitness....And yesterday was my very first work out ever!Hired a personal trainor....And my first five mintues was already very exhausting.The whole workout lasted for an hour and it feels great afterwards...My whole body is aching like crazy though!...Dapat talagang mapapayat ako nung Robbie na yun huh?He is half Filipino and half American/Italian by the way..And I think d naman sya gaano nahirapan sa akin coz I was really following his every instructions and I believe I did good for a first timer.Hey,I used to dance my goodness so of course I was able to stretch my leg more than 90 degrees to his surprise..Di lang nya alam I could really do that before pa ha ha ha...Anyway,i hope tuloy tuloy kong mapanindigan ito kasi gusto ko pumayat...As in gusto ko na talaga pumayat...And I believe he (Robbie) can help me out big time..He said he's gonna assist me with my diet...he's gonna measure my vitals stats daw to know the target areas where to put the muscles and take away the fats...Sayang ang bayad so I have to follow him!!!Wish me luck!
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

wanna share my first made collage
Saturday, November 26, 2005

First of Four
Last night is the first night of my four consecutive nights of working a 12 hour shift.It sure was hard because my first night was not so good.Got floated to another floor for four hours then I had to go back to my floor.I was pulled to work to a medical floor and I had really SICK patients.One of them went into distress at around 10:30pm which is 30 minutes before I was suppose to go back to my floor which is a cardiac floor by the way!Whew!Thank God for the hospital's SWAT Team which is a group of nurses whose main role for the hospital was to respond to emergency situations like when things get out of control or when there are certain situations that would arise beyond a nurses specialty(as they said for example like when a woman who just gave birth in a maternity ward suddenly had a heart attack,they are expected to be there!).They are wonderful because they are very knowledgable in everything!And very helpful indeed.They literally took over!And was on top of everything,actually was even on top of those interns and resident doctors who were around at that time.Anyway,to make my long story short,when I went back to my floor a cardiac telemetry floor,it was a smooth sailing one for me,thank God.God is really good to me!Just imagine that being floated to an unfamiliar area alone is such an anxiety on top of my anxiousness of being a traveller nurse that just started actually on my first assignment like less than a month ago!?!I would like to congratulate myself by the way for that courage what do you think?
Thursday, November 24, 2005

My first Snow
This day is really something new for me.Although I've been here in the United States for more than three years now.I was in Florida all the while.Although I love Florida,Ive never been really up north and so I decided to relocate here.Found a job and finally relocated here officially last Oct 31,2005.I was excited to see and experience snow from the moment that I landed my foot out of Florida because North Florida is actually cold already,so Ive been thrilled all the more as I reached my destination which is Connecticut.Connecticut is nice.its different from Florida but its nice.I can say I like it here.
And my most thrilling moment came this morning when I woke up and saw everything white.Like everything was really white and neat.What a cool day literally to celebrate thanksgiving!Today is my first sight of snow...
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