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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Life Lessons
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Spaghetti....my way!?!

Ive changed my mind about posting my entry for Thursday Thirteen today and instead decided on doing some housechores instead.I did laundry as usual, a lot of cleaning inside the apartment and of course,I gave Tink a good and refreshing bath so we could play and cuddle each other all through out the day.

And...I cooked spaghetti..my way!I dont really cook but I do sometimes...
Thursday, September 28, 2006

My T13 post will be up on Saturday am

My TT post is not up yet my fellow thirteeners...I already missed last week's TT and I miss thursday hopping! I will post my T13 post Saturday early am...please feel free to stop by then!
Friday, September 22, 2006

waiting for pictures
I am waiting for pictures of my daughter Aubrey that my mom will send me hopefully this week in the mail.Cant wait for the said pictures which are studio pictures by the way.My baby is growing up so fast I couldnt believe how time flies.I realized that she is now on her 3rd grade in the same school (Siena College,QC) where I graduated many many years ago.I was the same age when we moved into the neighborhood where I grew up.

I am looking forward to getting her here for good next year after the current school year ends.School calendar in the Philippines starts at June and ends March the following year so she will finish her 3rd grade back home March of 2007.I am really excited about that.

We always have so much fun everytime she comes here for a visit.She's been here twice already actually in 2004 and 2005.I actually have pictures of our trip to Orlando posted in my sidebar under Pretty Pictures:the second gallery works in progress so feel free to check them out by clicking the icon *wink*

Introducing **Koda**
Meet my Koda..He is going to be my second shih tzu.A male one this time.Before I had Tink,I was looking and wanting a tricolor puppy that's why I fell in love with *tink* the first time I saw her.

But as the saying goes: " Shih Tzus are like potato chips,you can't have just one"..And this time around I patiently searched again on the net.And again,as before,I know what I like.For my second one,I decided Im gonna have a solid color shih tzu.And isn't it that everyone loves "chocolates"?So why not a chocolate colored shih tzu for me right?

Yay!And voila,after searching and exchanging emails with a lot of breeders...I even talked to at least three breeders on the phone I think.So anyway,after talking to "Rick",I knew that "this one's the chocolate for me".He interviewed me too by the way,making sure that his baby will have a wonderful and loving home ahead.And among the puppies that he has on his website,there were two of them that caught my eye.One named "Bacca" and one "Darien".Both are chocolates.Bacca is solid chocolate while Darien is dark chocolate.My heart really went out for the solid chocolate by the name of "Bacca" although brother Darien is just as cute really...(Yes really they are both so cute.)They were born July 28,2006 and wont be ready to go home till after Sept 22 which is today actually.And so I was sent out a contract thru email which I then printed out then signed and mailed it priority mail to the breeder.They are located in New York by the way.Of course,I also put up a downpayment for him.Woof!

I am gonna name him ::Koda::.This is from the name of the baby bear character in the Disney Movie "Brother Bear".This is a very good movie by the way.Most important significant here is that Aubrey loves this movie so much she probably watched this movie a hundred times.She couldnt forget how cute Koda was and she just loves the character Koda so much.Plus I got so fond of the Koda character in the movie too.

So there goes the story about Koda and why he's gonna be named such.And I will pick him up on October 7 by the way.Yehey!Am so excited.

P.S. *Tink* of course is after Tinkerbell,my own favorite character.

::Tink Updates::

This is *tink* with her new dress.Her 1st dress.This was taken after I brought her for her grooming session at PetSmart last Saturday Sept 16.That was her first trip to the store as well and we had so much fun.So much fun that I had to buy her this cute dress.She got so many compliments from a lot of the customers who were shopping around.Mostly because of her blue eyes.Secondly because of her overall cuteness.

Last Sept 20,we (Tink and I ) went to our first puppy training class.Yes,we enrolled in a puppy training class also in PetSmart.It is an eight week class and we picked the Wednesday 10am session.It is a class for puppies so they can learn basic commands at an early age like the sit,stay,stop,come etc.Really it's a class for puppy owners so we willl know how to help our dogs become an obedient companion.The dogs in return will learn how to obey the said commands.I am enjoying everything I think.

Also,I am happy to mention here that *tink* is doing very good with the potty training.She now knows where to "poop" and "pee".Most of the time I dont even have to clean up spills from outside the pee pad.Cleaning part is getting better and better as nowadays all I had to do was just to toss out the soiled pee pads on the trash can.I feel a sense of accomplishment here as before I had to clean up even if she would go on the spot because oftentimes before, she would miss the pad actually.But now she is doing an almost perfect job by doing her "business" right on the spot,which is inside the pee pad.

When it comes to eating,I dont have any problem with her as she eats everything. Shih Tzus are not hard to please at all I guess.She eats well too.

She also had completed all of her vaccines already.Including the rabbies vaccine.I am still regularly deworming her though.

Right now,she's been regularly following me around the house everywhere in everything I do.She is right this moment in my lap as I am typing this entry.Now I understand why every dog owner especially shih tzu owners are happy and proud of their pets.These are cool and loving companions.They also blend well with children most importantly coz my daughter Aubrey is also very fond of my sister's Fishnet (also a shih tzu of course).Aubrey is already excited to meet *tink*.She's seen a lot of Tink's pics.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big E
Went to Big E last Sunday,September 17 and I had a great time.I feel like time was not just enough coz there was so much to do and so much fun and so much food over there.It was my first time actually.

Big E is like a fair that was held in Springfield,MA.I dont know what it stands for though he he he.But it's a celebration of all New England states like Massachussets, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine as well I believe.So it was a fun celebration.They also showcase the said states pride and beauty like Ben & Jerry's for Vermont.I am bias here coz i only checked out Vermont since I love Vermont a lot!

There's gonna be concerts too from time to time for its two week run.And did i mention about the old vintage cars that i saw!?!Those were amazing.Cars as old as 1920's and they are still up and running and those cars are still owned/driven by MA & CT residents most of them.Wow!!!

There was just so much fun.The bigggest fair Ive ever been!Wait....this is the very first fair Ive ever been here in the United States yay!Well,it is something grand coz it is a New England affair so it's all worth it.And my ticket only costs $10.I got a $5 discount through an advance purchase from Big Y Supermarket!And Ive got plenty of pics too which I will share in a few days from now...especially those oldies cars!Okay gotta go as I have to get ready for work now.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 12

My Thirteen Favorite/Most Visited Places
**in no particular order**

1. Best Buy
2. PetSmart
3. Victoria's Secret
4. Target
5. Big Y
6. PetCo
7. Bath & Body Works
8. Wal-Mart
9. Any Nearby ScrapBooking Store
10. Toys "R" Us
11. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store & Restaurant
12. Tim Horton's
13. Dick's Sporting Goods

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 11

Thirteen Things I like about Myself

1. I am a mom...A mom who loves her daughter so much.A mother who wants nothing but the best for my daughter.My daughter Aubrey is my inspiration.She is the reason for everything and why life is worth living.

2. I like my being a nurse.For I touch a lot of people's lives.I am appreciated for taking care of the sick.And i know that deep within me is my longtime dream of being that somebody who takes care of the sick.There's more beyond nursing...When people remember you for things you've done for them during their lowest moments...When they give you a hug before they go home telling you that you've been a big instrument to their fast recovery...It touches your heart...It gives me a smile..I cannot imagine myself in any other profession..My job is not a glamorous one but that's the truth,i like my being a nurse.I love my job and my patients can tell that it really shows.

3. I like my hair period.I have to include this in my list because I like the fact that I have a reasonably long hair now which sits just above my waist.It's long and straight.Silky and soft.No split ends.Just plain good looking hair.

4. I like my height.I am 5'5".Not that tall yet not petite.Just right and for somebody who comes from Asia (Philippines that is),I am quite tall actually *wink*

5. I am a fast learner and I can easily adapt to any given situation.I've proven that especially now that I am a traveler Nurse.With two to three days of orientation,Ive been going with the flow like a pro..And i love the fact that I am gaining a lot of friends thru what I'm doing right now actually.

6. I am patient.

7. I am an organize person.Especially while at work.I have a system to get things done.That way,i get to manage my time effectively and wont leave anything behind for the next shift.(nothing intentional and/or the next shift WONT hear any worthless excuses from me if ever..it must be for a good real reason if ever i might leave something for them)

8. I dance.That's one thing about me that made my school life memorable.Especially when I was in college.I would still love to dance if given the chance.

9. I love my legs.Especially when I was younger..I always get compliments about my legs.

10. I am smart.Just simply smart.Oh yeah,I believe I am!

11. I have soft heart and would always lend a helping hand to people who needs my help.I share my blessings.I am not rich because I dont even have a fat savings account as most people probably have but I do share what I have.Not only to people close to my heart.....

12. I am on the road to my goal weight.And I am proud and happy.Slowly but surely.I havent step backwards.Dropping a pound each time.I almost thought before that my weight was irreversible.

13. Last but not the least,in relation to number 11.I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to be a part of Children International to which Ive been an active sponsor now for years.No one among my friends are actually aware that Ive been actively sponsoring a child from the Philippines but since I found out I can be of more help by spreading the word..here i am inviting all of you to sponsor a child and make a difference in a child's life..It will also make a difference in your life...You can sponsor a kid from some other countries too not just the Philippines..You can email me for more details.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rest Day...(Yehey)
Am not working today,it's rest time for me.I finally get to have two consecutive days off since it's my weekend off actually.My first time to have two consecutive days off since I started working in this hospital for this assignment.My schedule (3pm to 11pm 5x a week) is still kinda awkward for me since I am used to just working 3x a week for 12 hours each.

Anyway,the highlight of my day aside from my laundry is giving *Tink* a good bath followed by tons/lots of fun/playtime.Am sharing a pic below of her wearing a flower bow( her 1st time to wear one and my 1st time to put one as well so bear with the outcome ^_^).

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