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Monday, December 31, 2007

Am so Posh Mama!
Friday, December 21, 2007

Hey I got an award!?!
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Friday, December 07, 2007

Kodak GiveAway from Domestic Diva
I love pictures!!!They truly speak a thousand words.They are memories that would last a lifetime and what better way to capture these precious memories than to preserve those photos into personalized gifts for the holidays!Or even better yet for yourself!These are but the most thoughtful gifts!That's why am so happy that the Domestic Diva is once again hosting a giveaway from Kodak.

So come on guys,let us all join the fun!As before am still hoping I'd win though.


schedule conflict

Last night 12.05.07 I was supposed to be off from work and we(John & I) were at an acquaintance's house at around 1900 when we got a phone call from the hospital.As usual,we didn't answer the call as normally it would be a call to ask us for availability when they're short staff...Our new found acquaintances ( a doctor from a top hospital here in Seattle and her husband who is an accountant/engineer) even teased us by saying that it could be that we are suppose to be working this night and that they are already hunting us down for being "late".We were about to leave anyway and when i listened to my voicemail...to the shockest moment of my day..it was the charge nurse indeed telling us that we are in the schedule and hoping that we are already on our way...

Huh?This couldnt be true as I have a photocopy of our schedule and I am positive we are not on the schedule.I called her back though and had told her that if we are indeed on the schedule they have to give us time then as we need to change and get ready for work especially that we are not even home yet to begin with.And so upon reaching home,i checked my copy and I couldnt be wrong...both my Honey and i are not working and we are on the schedule for the 6th.So i called the charge nurse back anyway and told her that i have it in black and white a copy of the "original schedule" but yes we are willing to report to work but it's just that i felt then that i have to let them know that it was not our intention at all to cause them trouble by being latecomers and that it was not a neglect on our part at all!She said that yes no worry,she kinda figured out that the schedule was changed sometime when we were off.We were off for a week as we worked for almost a week too(read:6 nights with just 1 night off in between).

Upon reaching the hospital,they were all saying that i was smart enough to make a photocopy of the schedule instead of just transcribing my days of working in my planner or calendar as this is apparently not the first time it happened to their nurses.But the poor nurses then were helpless as they dont have a proof that their schedule was changed.Coz the manager apparently has this habit of changing the schedule that was already released!

Okay ...am done venting...I am just glad that it's always been my habit to make a copy of my schedule !

This is not to mention that of course I didnt sleep in preparation for work huh and then to really make it worse I had a busy night.But at least kept me up on my feet otherwise I would have taken a serious nap!(I NEVER SLEEP AT WORK BY THE WAY EVEN A NAP)


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Sunday, December 02, 2007

"How Filipinos Unite"


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