Tinkerworld: May 2006
Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the "real thing" is coming on June 1st
I am so excited because i am waiting for a special purchase that i made online.Im expecting it to arrive by June 1st.This one cool thing is something that can be found on my wishlist BUT i ended up buying a different brand after careful and meticulous long hours of evaluation over the internet about its features etc...I am keeping y fingers crossed though that they will be able to deliver it on my current address because i had a problem ordering it from QVC.They said they couldn't verify my address,maybe being a commercial address since i live apparently in a hotel.But anyway i found an equally appealing affordable price from another company.Even better because i am getting the higher model of that product.I am so excited coz i believe i really need it.I thought its something that would be at the botom of my list but it is something very helpful you will only learn to realize once you own one..ehem...actually,i am saying this because i sort of had a trial period already of this product by purchasing a much much cheaper version of this very helpful tool.I wanted to see/experience how useful it can be before i buy the "real thing"...and i was happy with it so here i am after using my trial version for that product for two months now,i am expecting the "real thing" right at my doorstep...huh?ok..i will have to pick it up @ the lobby k?I am so thrilled just so thrilled i wanna leave a little bit of the excitement and do a grand intro about my new toy as soon as i have it at the palm of my hand on June 1st.
Thursday, May 25, 2006

da vinci
"Famed symbologist Professor Robert Langdon is called to the Louvre museum one night where a curator has been murdered, leaving behind a mysterious trail of symbols and clues. With his own survival at stake, Langdon, aided by the police cryptologist Sophie Neveu, unveils a series of stunning secrets hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, all leading to a covert society dedicated to guarding an ancient secret that has remained hidden for 2000 years. The pair set off on a thrilling quest through Paris, London and Scotland, collecting clues as they desperately attempt to crack the code and reveal secrets that will shake the very foundations of mankind."

I would say: Impressive trailer but not quite an impressive one as a movie...
Sunday, May 21, 2006

my happy bag!
this is the bag of a happy scrapbooker like me.I bought this yesterday at the Scrapbook Central store with an additional 20% off that they specially gave me for being a "nurse"!All i did was to show them my RN license.Was not expecting that kind of deal/promo that they have and luckily,i have my Connecticut RN license neatly tucked in my wallet.So i grabbed this bag,the only one in the store(and it's pink!).This is included in my wishlist so i consider this bag my "surprise memento" for the Nurse's Week 2006!oH yes,as the store owner said:"times like these,it pays to be a NURSE".Happy Scrappin' and Happy Nurse's Week to me.(Batiin ko daw ba ang sarili ko oh?!)

wanted:NEW blog design!?!
I really would like to have a new blog design.Something that is cool and pretty that will reflect ME.I am currently working on this.Well,I dont mean literally because I am shopping for somebody who can design my blog for me!?!he he he!To which i will give the proper credits of course.So i am really excited coz in the next few days i will get a new look for my blog.A new look for Tinkerworld!
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sooo Cute!!!

too cute to be a keychain!
with this bag is twice the fun!
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Planet Fitness & Vermont
It's been a while since my last post because I got so busy with a lot of things lately.The past two weeks had been my transition period from my assignment in Connecticut to my new travel assignment here in Vermont.So here i am in Vermont right now.I had my orientation last Monday and i feel like am such lucky traveler having given the opportunity again to work in a prestigious teaching hospital which is Fletcher Allen Hospital here in Burlington.My first one was in Yale New Haven Hospital which is in Connecticut.And i did enjoy my stay there.I gained not only the experience but friends as well.And I am very happy that they gave me such a warm goodbye.My last few nights of working there was a whole week of treats from my co-workers,i mean the staff of Yale New haven Hospital.I'm gonna miss working with those great nurses.I was actually teary eyed before i left because i was not expecting such importance from them.Its been my pleasure being a part of their family for 26 weeks!I was treated well.

Vermont is another adventure worth seeing.This is such a mountainous state.And I'm gonna say it again that this is the place where I literally sighed and thought about God being the greatest architect,sculpture and engineer of all times.The mountains are beautiful!Road signs include "moose crossing" and "bear crossing"!?!I actually saw two deers on the road earlier.Too bad,I was one second late in grabbing my camera which was just beside me.I got so excited because I wasn't expecting to see any at that time.There is a Vermont Teddy Bear Factory here near my place and i am planning to visit the said store anytime.I'd like to experience the factory tour that they have daily.

Also,today is my first time to do my work out at a different fitness center.I'm gonna be working out @ Planet Fitness for the next 3 months or at least while I'm here.Bally Total Fitness(where I started working out when I was in CT) doesn't have a branch here in VT,that's why.But its OK.Planet Fitness is fine for me.Although I would like to mention that if given the choice of course,I will still choose to go to Bally Total Fitness even if they're more expensive.Its because they're more complete when it comes to equipment.Bally has a lot of personal trainers,Planet Fitness has only one or two i think.But in fairness to Planet fitness,they're barely new in the fitness field if i am not mistaken.And actually,they have great new equipments!i think its because this planet fitness branch is smaller than the Bally center that I'm used to.But i will be happy working out in my new fitness center i think.i am not gonna avail of the personal trainer this time though because....i met her earlier actually and i just didn't feel like working with her.She was nice but i don't why i was not so convince of getting her services.My trainer in Bally was half-Italian and half-Filipino,and he is really good.he knows my capability already.too bad i just had to give him up as my trainer since I'm moving hello!

What i wanted to do next was to actually sign up for a jazzercise class nearby.I'm gonna check out one that i saw online earlier.I like jazzercise.i was doing it for a while way way back when i was still in Florida.There used to be a class that Mt Sinai Medical Center(where I was working)was sponsoring....for a fee of course!The 2x a week classes were held inside the hospital campus but for whatever reason i stopped attending.i lost track i think after the instructor gave birth.I was not aware at that time that the classes resumed already.But anyway,I'm ready to make a comeback...a jazzercise comeback!
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I love dreamcatchers!

I recently fell in love with dreamcatchers!An indian thing!I am starting a collection!
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Quebec escapade!

This photo was taken in Quebec with Teresa my friend from way back since high school.This trip is worth a thousand because of the experience itself.and it deserves one lengthy spot for my blog again the next tine i get the chance.But just to give you a glimpse of the fun that i had,i felt like i had to post even just one pic.Took thousands of pictures!Never took so many pics in one day not till those days that we were in Quebec!I love that city,so frenchy!!!
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Happy in VT

Havent posted for a while because I was busy with a lot of things.First was with my transfer from CT to VT.It went through smoothly fortunately,from my licensing to the trip to my housing.It was a little bit rainy that day on the 2nd of this month when I moved from Connecticut to Vermont.And I was surprised the minute I arrived to my suppose to be apartment!Well that's what I thought an apartment!A semi-furnished like the one that I got in CT wherein the basic furnitures are provided BUT excludes housewares,plates,spoons,TV,etc...But to my surprised I was heading to a Suite!A hotel!Everything...literally everything is here!2 TV's,kitchenwares,microwave,coffeemaker, plus a lot lot more.Of course you know,this is literally a hotel..Well may not be a five-star high-rise hotel but knowing that it's free for me for being a traveller nurse.Really amazing how i got all of these accomodations on top of the experience that i am gaining from these hospitals that i get to work on.I've no regrets at all doing this!This is a great opportunity to see places!And luckily I so far had landed on two great prestigious hospitals which is Yale New haven Hospital in Ct and now the Fletcher Allen Hospital here in VT.These are both big hospitals mind you!

Just had my hospital orientation yesterday and it went smoothly so far.People seem nice and friendly.Didn't see any filipina RNs YET though!Im sure there'll be some of them out there!Anyway,i will be off for two nights and will start working night shift on the 11th and 12th and so on and on...So am still busy unpacking most of my stuff,am halfway done though.Because i wont have to unpack some of my kitchen stuff that i am already provided for this housing.Oh oh oh...did i mention that even the cable TV is provided together with the high speed internet access!?!Huh?I will have to cancel the internet service that I ended up signing the first night i got here since i didnt know yet at that time that all the while i have a cable here somewhere for my internet access.In CT,I had to take care and pay for my cable TV plus the internet to which i got Comcast at that time.I cancelled it on my way out of Ct to VT because they dont service Vermont at all..So assuming that I might not have an internet access for days or weeks,I signed up for Adelphia the night I got here.I did that online down the lobby of my hotel.Now i have to cancel it he he he...

I am just so excited and happy i cant wait to unpack everything so i can face my other passion which is scrapbooking!Ay yay yay!I had to pack my stuff so carefully you know!And i still have to take care of one more very important thing.I will have to look for a fitness center here.I was working out at Bally Total Fitness in CT but unfortunately they dont have a branch here!Ouch,that's so unfortunate huh but hey i cant be that fortunate i know.So this one i will have to deal with.I will be on my way to Planet Fitness a little later after signing off i guess.Im not gonna expect much from Planet Fitness having had Bally Total Fitness as my starting point because Bally is a big fitness center.i still think its the best one!the equipment the trainers everything!But Planet Fitness is barely new in the field i believe so i will have to try that out.Its a necessity for me at this point since i feel like i gained some weight again!

And maybe a few days from now i will have to check out one scrapboking store of course!

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