Tinkerworld: My Thursday 13 # FiFteEn
Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Thursday 13 # FiFteEn

Thirteen Things I love about My Shih Tzus

1. They are happy to oblige whenever I want to snuggle them especially after their baths.They actually love to sleep having me within their eyesight.And they position themselves to sleep at the closest distance they could ever possibly get.

2. They don't take up much room.They are so comfortably small(6.5 lbs and 4.8 lbs respectively).They can easily share a seat with me.

3. Exercise?--- What's that?Unlike big dogs,their idea of a good workout is playing with a ball or doggie toys inside the house...But I would take them out for a walk everyday of course!

4. Lots of X's and O's --- they are not hesitant to show their affection to people --especially to me.They would greet everybody and they are so friendly,everyone we meet tends to greet me and ask me about them.

5. They can amuse themselves.They love me and would follow me around the house but they dont get bent out of shape if Im not paying them attention.

6. They are ideal for apartment or condominium life.

7. They dont shed!

8. They have adaptable bathroom manners...They can do pee-pad or outdoors.They know how to give me a signal if they need to do their "business" while we are out together.

9. My Tink doesn't bark(1st time I ever heard her bark was last Sunday,this is no joke!) and my Koda does bark but not a lot.So I have one who can be a good watchdog!And i really dont mind if they would bark coz they are dogs!

10. They have relatively few health problems.They are not picky eaters,too!I feed then the Eukanuba Puppy Food for Small Breeds

11. They are so intelligent!With the help of a puppy training class thru PetSmart(wherein Tink and I are currently attending a class every Wednesday @ 10am),she now knows SIT, DOWN, LEAVE IT, and STAY!Yehey! And I am applying everything that I am learning with Koda,he too knows how to sit and down now.

12. They really keep me company...

13. I love their coat and I just love their personality!My Koda is a rare solid chocolate shih tzu.While Tink is a tricolor.

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