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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy in VT

Havent posted for a while because I was busy with a lot of things.First was with my transfer from CT to VT.It went through smoothly fortunately,from my licensing to the trip to my housing.It was a little bit rainy that day on the 2nd of this month when I moved from Connecticut to Vermont.And I was surprised the minute I arrived to my suppose to be apartment!Well that's what I thought an apartment!A semi-furnished like the one that I got in CT wherein the basic furnitures are provided BUT excludes housewares,plates,spoons,TV,etc...But to my surprised I was heading to a Suite!A hotel!Everything...literally everything is here!2 TV's,kitchenwares,microwave,coffeemaker, plus a lot lot more.Of course you know,this is literally a hotel..Well may not be a five-star high-rise hotel but knowing that it's free for me for being a traveller nurse.Really amazing how i got all of these accomodations on top of the experience that i am gaining from these hospitals that i get to work on.I've no regrets at all doing this!This is a great opportunity to see places!And luckily I so far had landed on two great prestigious hospitals which is Yale New haven Hospital in Ct and now the Fletcher Allen Hospital here in VT.These are both big hospitals mind you!

Just had my hospital orientation yesterday and it went smoothly so far.People seem nice and friendly.Didn't see any filipina RNs YET though!Im sure there'll be some of them out there!Anyway,i will be off for two nights and will start working night shift on the 11th and 12th and so on and on...So am still busy unpacking most of my stuff,am halfway done though.Because i wont have to unpack some of my kitchen stuff that i am already provided for this housing.Oh oh oh...did i mention that even the cable TV is provided together with the high speed internet access!?!Huh?I will have to cancel the internet service that I ended up signing the first night i got here since i didnt know yet at that time that all the while i have a cable here somewhere for my internet access.In CT,I had to take care and pay for my cable TV plus the internet to which i got Comcast at that time.I cancelled it on my way out of Ct to VT because they dont service Vermont at all..So assuming that I might not have an internet access for days or weeks,I signed up for Adelphia the night I got here.I did that online down the lobby of my hotel.Now i have to cancel it he he he...

I am just so excited and happy i cant wait to unpack everything so i can face my other passion which is scrapbooking!Ay yay yay!I had to pack my stuff so carefully you know!And i still have to take care of one more very important thing.I will have to look for a fitness center here.I was working out at Bally Total Fitness in CT but unfortunately they dont have a branch here!Ouch,that's so unfortunate huh but hey i cant be that fortunate i know.So this one i will have to deal with.I will be on my way to Planet Fitness a little later after signing off i guess.Im not gonna expect much from Planet Fitness having had Bally Total Fitness as my starting point because Bally is a big fitness center.i still think its the best one!the equipment the trainers everything!But Planet Fitness is barely new in the field i believe so i will have to try that out.Its a necessity for me at this point since i feel like i gained some weight again!

And maybe a few days from now i will have to check out one scrapboking store of course!

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