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Saturday, August 04, 2007

? Out Of My Shell ?
I think it's about time for me to blog about someone who is making me happy.I had met him summer of '03 and he had become a good friend of mine.

That friendship had blossomed into something which he called "something beautiful".Days had passed by...memories spent together...laughters were shared...

He once had told me how "Familiarity brings comfort"...His presence had became somewhat a comfort zone for me.Whenever he is around I know I am safe and sound.

First time I had felt that I am being loved...Everything came so natural and true...Feelings were not forced...and most of all..there were no pretentions but only good intentions.

We took every single day as one precious day of being together a day @ a time.Now I realized that every single day since then were spent never without each other.Every day since then is a day spent with this man who loves me dear and whom I love so much with each passing day.

I love him dear.He loves me so true.I can tell not by the words he'd tell me but by the way he takes care of me and the way he enjoys every single moment with me.We are each other's best friends.

He'd speak up for me when others take advantage of me.When there's no one else who'd listen...he was there to comfort me.When things get rough..he'd enlighten my mind and cheer me up.He is unhappy when I frown but his beautiful eyes would sparkle everytime he sees me smile.He had brought out the best in me.He always believe in me.He trust me.And for many more other reasons,to which I could go on and on...it will all end up with one thing...I had found the man for me...And am such a lucky woman for he loves me so...We call it "destiny".

What we have is not so perfect but what we have is beautiful...and true...and forever...it is bounded not only by love but with trust and faith that together we will stand the test of time...

We have had some pains and trials..but those had not put us down..they had become the building blocks of how strong we are right now.Those thorns are the realization that we can't be without each other.They are what I consider sweet silent prick to my heart that tells me to be strong and hold on tight.Through all of these, he had always been by my side...He is the sweetest thing that reminds myself of the specialness of my existence and being.

Thank you for being your only one, Honey.Thank you for loving me.Thank you for staying by my side.Thank you for being true.

For your patience and kindness.I thank you for being YOU...I LOVE YOU MUCH , my «better half»...
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