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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Needlestick on the job!
Last night wasn't just another ordinary busy night for me.The usual busy scenario case isn't what Im talking about.At the end of my shift,meaning it was literally 0700 am.I was still in one of my patient's room.I put another IV access on this patient.Another because they ordered for two IV sites,huh?I went into the vein,got in,back flow was good,flushed it,went fine,taped it!Now that's not the end of my story because as I was gathering my mess,i stucked myself with the contaminated needle!Damn?!?I wasnt able to retract the needle all the way turned out!i didnt see any mark on my left index finger because it stucked with my gloves still on.It was when i squeezed the said finger that i realized that i was really stucked!Almost fainted!I got so worried and the anxious part of me is now escalating!I notified the proper authorities,and I was immediately sent to ED!Was able to do a quick check on that patient's lab results on the computer though and was relieved to find out that his Hepatitis panel was negative!So off i went to ED to which I was re-routed to Occupational Health Services for a quicker service.

Patient is apparently low-risk since he's an elderly patient,a 74 y/o chinese male.He doesnt speak english at all.He grew up in China.He is in the hospital for vt/vf arrest,in the ICU was intubated and then extubated after 3 or 4 days and was then transferred to our floor,which is a stepdown telemetry floor.Anyway,at the Occupational Health, my blood was drawn.They added the HIV test to the patient's am labs anyway for my sake since they cannot consent him right away because of language barrier,he speaks purely chinese.

I was told that they will call me with the results of the patient's HIV test after an hour.Im telling you,that was the longest one hour ive ever had!

Got relief after receiving a call one hour and forty-five minutes later that Im all set because the patient is negative!So there you go!

So to all nurses,healthcare workers out there,please be careful because its no joke being in that situation.You dont have to experience such serious instance for you to understand how im feeling coz i know you all know what im talking about.Im sure most of you can relate...if it happened to me and perhaps to some of you,it could happen to anyone or it could happen to me again!So lets all be careful ok folks?
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