Tinkerworld: Thursday 13 # 8ight
Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thursday 13 # 8ight
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Thirteen GOOD & Not-So-GoOd Things/tHoughts and whatevers

1. I am all set up for my next travel assignment to another state.I love Vermont but staying in this hospital is too risky for my precious license.The hospital is good but the staffing is really really bad...Unbelievable!
2. My sister is getting married in December and I still haven't purchase an airline ticket yet.Dont know why really?
3. Seriously,I feel like I don't wanna go back to Florida yet.Or let me say,I feel like i want a life outside Florida.If I am to elaborate about this,I will be needing another post so I can gather my thoughts about this matter.
4. I am thinking of getting a puppy but I don't know which breed.I've narrowed down my search into three which are:the shih tzu;the bichon frise;& the havanese.Anybody here on T13 who knows anything about these breeds and where to get them.Any tip will be appreciated coz this will be my first puppy ever!
5. Budget nowadays is really really tight for me but im hoping its gonna get better in the next months to come as I am adjusting again with the payment plan for my new car.
6. I just realized that I haven't opened my laptop for the past two weeks because of too much stuff that I've been doing.>>Ugh<< I was checking my email @ work and that was it...
7. Also,my usual 3 to 4x a week trip to gym in my desire ever to lose the extra kilos I've gained had gone down to 1 to 2x a week.=not good!=
8. My diet has gone wild as well..I don't wanna elaborate.I don't even wanna think about my recent food trips...^=^ what would one expect after I've had a fun factory tour @ Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream plus a sidetrip to a chocolate factory here in Vermont.(((Yummy Yummy Yum I'm telling you))
9. As I am in the process of packing up my stuff.I realized I have lots of them.Like,I found out I have 1 to 2 pcs of lipgloss in each bag I have.Now,bags that I have is another story.I am crazy about bags since way way way back.I even have some bags that I haven't used yet!Plus,I didn't know I have lotion in every corner of the house.And wait!Why do I have two printers here?((enough enough))
10. Now this is really not fun,but I've learned a good lesson from my being a Travel Nurse.To know the hospital protocol about CODES==Cardiac Arrest,that is===.Again,I don't wanna elaborate but I just had the lousiest code ever last night!All nurses who were manning the house are all travelers!Pretty scary for you guys huh but I don't wanna elaborate...okay okay...Lets put it this way...No matter how one knows her stuff if you don't know your equipment then its a real chaos!!!No joke for a patient so seriously ill.And for one doctor to be pointing his fingers to the nurses for apparently "wasting 5 minutes trying" to figure out how to work the defibrillator?????Excuse me doctor....You were the one who asked for the 'scissors'?nah..Forget about it...And to blame others?That's so unprofessional!That's why the Attending Physician was oh so upset with the said resident doctor who in turn pointed his fingers to the four of us.I think I will make this scenario as my next TT entry since there's probably more than 13 things that went wrong since from the beginning of my shift that's why we ended up coding this poor lady at 0230 in the morning.I am so sad this lady died.She wasn't my patient by the way but I checked on her several times because she was going bad!>>>ugh<<<
11. Last Sunday after getting off from work @ 0800 am.I only slept for two hours because I made an appointment with somebody who posted her ad on the paper about a shih tzu that she was selling.We agreed that I am gonna check out the puppies Sunday.So,after an hour drive from my place,nobody was in their house but all the dogs in the yard._sigh_ that shih tzu is not for me I guess_
12. I haven't had the time for my other hobby because of all of this..++I miss scrapbooking++
13. Lastly I want a pet so bad.I've decide actually on getting a shih tzu,so anybody out there who can help me out?In whatever way of help is very much appreciated...Like tips on caring for my future puppy..Basic dog essentials that I need to buy ...How to train them or any tips and infos you can give me is fine.Most especially if you know where I could get one...A female shih tzu!

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