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Thursday, July 13, 2006

To Do List
13 Things I Have To Do By Next Week

1. Finalize my next travel assignment.
2. Follow-Up Appointment for my contact lens prescription.I cancelled it twice already which is not good i know.
3. Have to send some stuff to the Philippines for my Aubrey's birthday on July 31st
4. Have to go to NISSAN to discuss more about their offer re:my vehicle.It sounded like a good offer over the phone.Seemed they wanted me to trade my vehicle.Im kinda interested but im thinking it might be a lot of work since I still carry a FL license and plate and i dont know the ins and outs really in that situation.
5. I have to send some of my stuff to my aunt in Florida.Ive go too many stuff.I still cant figure out (?why?)
6. I have to go to NYC!Just to shop around...huh?more stuff it means??
7. I have to mail out a check to my Credit Union Account in Florida.
8. Start packing up my stuff since my contract here in Vermont is almost over.Contract ends on Aug 6th so they'll probably give me about 3 more additional days to pack up.
9. I have to work on my license for my next assignment.I had a phone interview earlier with the nurse manager from a hospital somewhere here in the East Coast but found out she needs somebody who can do a Day/Night Rotation.I went ahead with the interview anyway and she was pretty too clinical.Asked me a lot of clinical stuff like what would i do if my patient goes....what would i expect for a patient who underwent whatever....what would i suspect if i find out that my patient is..I believed i was able to answer her questions with the answers she was expecting from me.But i would really be happier with a purely night shift assignment.
10. Ive got to visit the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory!Its a must see on my list here in Vermont.
11. Ben and Jerry's Factory.its another must-see for me.
12. Gotta go back to Montreal,Canada too.Huh?Im 30 minutes away from the Canadian border.Ive been to Montreal already and i really like it.Quebec is also a fun place to see.
13. Have to buy new sets of uniform and a new stethoscope.I deserve it i believe coz i still use my uniform from Mt Sinai Medical Center in Florida which is plain teal.All travel RN's get to use fancy colored printed scrubs.I feel like im the only one who's stucked with my old plain uniform.Didnt really bother me but if i get the chance to go to a uniform store why not right?

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