Tinkerworld: Tink Training in progress...
Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tink Training in progress...
Potty Training is in progress and Im very proud to say that my Tink is almost potty trained now.Almost i said because she knows exactly where the spot is but after turning around and round the pee pad,she sometimes would miss it by smallest than a quarter of an inch.But most of the times,she hit just the right spot which is the center of the pee pad.But the important thing here is that she knows where to do it.

Eating wise,she is eating good.She enjoys short walk outside.Grooming wise,i am in the process of orienting her to her coat's brush as she was not really comfortable being brushed the first few days.But today is better since she allowed me to brush her coat the entire time to my hearts content.I love her coat.She is so fluffy and soft and like a stuff toy!

She has a cologne too huh by the way.I am so glad ive decided to have a pet.I actually want another shih tzu.((Huh))They are the sweetest breed i think.They're the perfect pet.They warm your heart and put a smile on your face after a hard day's work.She keeps my mind off from not so important matters so i can focus on things that really matters.

For anyone thinking of getting a pet,think of getting a puppy.You won't regret it.Choose wisely,choose which breed suits you.But my shih tzu suits everyone!It is also worth mentioning here that a Havanese is also a good breed.They are so gentle and affectionate!They seldom bark too so it's also a good choice for a pet.Although they are not so popular here in the US yet so expect them to be a little bit on the expensive side.But they are AKC recognized already.Havanese are from the Bichon Frise family which is also another wonderful breed.But Bichon comes in white only i think.These are the top 3 breeds that i considered when i was doing my research.But of course,I ended up with a lovable Shih Tzu.I almost considered the Maltese at some point but scratched her off from my list after reading that they bark a lot.But they too are sooo cute and tiny if I am not mistaken,they belong to the toy group of the dog breeds.

There you go....I had my little warning here that i might...*might* get another Shih Tzu..I will later,one day dwell on the reason why, if EVER.. i might end up with another one.But I already have a plan..A good plan...

I am also planning to create another blog for her so I can keep track of her growth progress..
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