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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am back!
After such a long time and after being away from the blogging world for the longest time now,i am finally back.Same old me but now in a different zip code again! Yes!That's right!I moved again and my new zip code is 34119!It's in Naples,FL.The best place to be @ this time.I was here since last week of November lasy year!And prior to that,my previous travel assignment was in Hartford,CT.I never mentioned it all this time here in my blog while I was at that particular assignment simply because my start seemed not right and well.

There was not much to say except for the fact that I was there when I acquired my two precious pups!Both from New York so I most of the times would blog about my dogs here!But to make my long story short about not really loving my stay in Hartford,I would say that i ended up loving them actually!And i must say that I was well loved too by them.Coz they threw a sort of a farewell party for me,mind you!So,it was all for the best!But as a traveler,i had to move on and they knew that!Ive gained another set of friends whom I will always treasure.My manager,Cheryl who was so good in treating her travelers.She was the only manager who gave me a tap on my shoulder for working well with her staff and for taking oh so well with the patients.I can still vividly recall her telling me: "i want you to know that my staff love working with you.They love following you.And they love the fact that you are very good when it comes to patient care".She was just like my very first manager in MSMC(Mt Sinai Medical Center) and her name is Julie!They are both sweet and nice!

So much had happened that it's been a year now that I had been traveling as a nurse and I really had learned a lot doing this.I have no regrets doing this at all.Except that i cant keep track of the many friends i am meeting!

Upon signing in to my blogger account,not only did i realize that i had been away for so long but that blogger had change for the better.New look and feel.More features and it's merged with a google account i see.I remember trying out gmail in the past but it didnt work out.Coz i am afraid i might miss some important emails.Ive been using my yahoo email for the longest now.And it's keeping me in touch with everyone.But as always,am always open for any change.So am trying out my gmail account for a change.Im hoping i can keep up with two email addresses!

So to catch up with all the not so latest news and happenings about me,here goes:

Last December 14,I went home ( Philippines) to attend my sister's wedding.Yes,that was the primary reason why i went home and of course,to see and bee with my daughter,Aubrey!The wedding was great!Yours truly was the maid of honor of course!And while I was there,my mom received a text message from one of my old classmates way back when I was in high school inviting me for a high school reunion.I really would have love to come but i wasnt available at their given date because i didnt realize that my sister's wedding was a three part celebration altogether.And one fell on the said reunion date.The only bad thing is that i didnt even get the chance to reply to the text message even just to inform them i couldnt come.But I would like to thank them for inviting me really!But anyhow,I am going home again on March so maybe a sort of mini reunion wont hurt!?!Coz i really enjoy watching their reunion pictures on friendster!Hey,paging my classmates!!!!

Also,i would like to mention here that I went home with one of furry companion.Who else but my very playful Tink!Yes,she went home with me!She attended my sister's wedding too.All dressed up in her light brown velvet gown!Huh?And she was just a star!All with the rest of our dogs of course!I wanna mention that Rider is truly a wonderful dog.He is really a show dog!Very elegant!And he is so classy and very manly or kingly or whatever.That dog is really worth all the way down to the last cent I paid for him to be my daughter's own dog!His pedigree is very impressive as well.All the way up to his great grandparents are all champions!Very seldom you would find a dog like him!His kind is not the kind that you would see here in the pet stores!His color is very rare.White with a rich mahogany red as his body's accent!Whew!I was truly delighted!Thank you very much to such reputable shih tzu breeders,Allecs and Henson for entrusting us with Rider.They are one of the not so many(you can count them in your fingers) reputable shih tzu breeders in the Philippines.I also took the time to visit them.And all the more that I was impressed with the way they take care of their dogs!I would like to mention that even the dog shampoo,conditioner,whitening shampoo,leave on moisturizer and milky spray that I bought from them(the ones that they use on their dogs)are so far the best!Far far better than the brands that they sell here in the U.S.I believe that those products are from Thailand!So,from now on,even if I have to order it all the way from Asia,I wouldnt mind.They're the best kind you can ever use on your dog!And if you worry about the price...it's all just the same actually but for a better product...why not!!!

My sister's dog,Fishnet on the other hand is the funny one!He makes us all laugh with all his funny antics!He may not be a show dog just like my Tink but he is one adorable dog!I was teasing that dog actually because he is obese!Ha ha ha! I couldnt stand carrying him.And oh i have to say that he loves my dear Tink so much!@!

Okay,the sad part of the story here is that Tink was left behind in the Philippines okay!Nyay!She was such a wonderful delight that my daughter asked me to leave her behind!i couldnt say no why not!Coz I am going back in March remember!ha ha ha!I treasure my Tink a lot even if i bought her from a pet shop because she is my first puppy!I am used to her already and she is used to me already.

A break from dogs...seriously speaking...I am getting tired of travelling.I think I am almost ready to settle down again IN ONE PLACE!Where!?! That's a good and BIG question....

And so that would be the next reason why I might be away for a while again from the blogging atmosphere!And hopefully,my next zip code would be my HOME!
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