Tinkerworld: ~ special thanks~
Saturday, September 01, 2007

~ special thanks~
I would like to thank my references for the excellent remarks they had given.That had helped me through finding myself another good job.That had paved the way for a new company to «steal» me from my old one.Thus better offers came my way :) Am looking forward to my new hospital.

My next goal while I'm in my next assignment would be to find myself MyOwnSweetSpace!

Then next would be my next regular job.I'm all ready for another change!
Your Hostess: Kaye
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I'm a travel nurse with a fascination for Tinkerbell; hence Tinkerworld! I have a beautiful daughter, Aubrey, whom I adore so much. My hobbies include scrapbooking and dancing. I have an addiction to handbags, I love flowers, butterflies, hearts and twinkly things! I also love dogs - Shih Tzus in particular.I have 4 of them!Welcome to my own little Tinkerworld... I hope you enjoy your visit.

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