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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Planet Fitness & Vermont
It's been a while since my last post because I got so busy with a lot of things lately.The past two weeks had been my transition period from my assignment in Connecticut to my new travel assignment here in Vermont.So here i am in Vermont right now.I had my orientation last Monday and i feel like am such lucky traveler having given the opportunity again to work in a prestigious teaching hospital which is Fletcher Allen Hospital here in Burlington.My first one was in Yale New Haven Hospital which is in Connecticut.And i did enjoy my stay there.I gained not only the experience but friends as well.And I am very happy that they gave me such a warm goodbye.My last few nights of working there was a whole week of treats from my co-workers,i mean the staff of Yale New haven Hospital.I'm gonna miss working with those great nurses.I was actually teary eyed before i left because i was not expecting such importance from them.Its been my pleasure being a part of their family for 26 weeks!I was treated well.

Vermont is another adventure worth seeing.This is such a mountainous state.And I'm gonna say it again that this is the place where I literally sighed and thought about God being the greatest architect,sculpture and engineer of all times.The mountains are beautiful!Road signs include "moose crossing" and "bear crossing"!?!I actually saw two deers on the road earlier.Too bad,I was one second late in grabbing my camera which was just beside me.I got so excited because I wasn't expecting to see any at that time.There is a Vermont Teddy Bear Factory here near my place and i am planning to visit the said store anytime.I'd like to experience the factory tour that they have daily.

Also,today is my first time to do my work out at a different fitness center.I'm gonna be working out @ Planet Fitness for the next 3 months or at least while I'm here.Bally Total Fitness(where I started working out when I was in CT) doesn't have a branch here in VT,that's why.But its OK.Planet Fitness is fine for me.Although I would like to mention that if given the choice of course,I will still choose to go to Bally Total Fitness even if they're more expensive.Its because they're more complete when it comes to equipment.Bally has a lot of personal trainers,Planet Fitness has only one or two i think.But in fairness to Planet fitness,they're barely new in the fitness field if i am not mistaken.And actually,they have great new equipments!i think its because this planet fitness branch is smaller than the Bally center that I'm used to.But i will be happy working out in my new fitness center i think.i am not gonna avail of the personal trainer this time though because....i met her earlier actually and i just didn't feel like working with her.She was nice but i don't why i was not so convince of getting her services.My trainer in Bally was half-Italian and half-Filipino,and he is really good.he knows my capability already.too bad i just had to give him up as my trainer since I'm moving hello!

What i wanted to do next was to actually sign up for a jazzercise class nearby.I'm gonna check out one that i saw online earlier.I like jazzercise.i was doing it for a while way way back when i was still in Florida.There used to be a class that Mt Sinai Medical Center(where I was working)was sponsoring....for a fee of course!The 2x a week classes were held inside the hospital campus but for whatever reason i stopped attending.i lost track i think after the instructor gave birth.I was not aware at that time that the classes resumed already.But anyway,I'm ready to make a comeback...a jazzercise comeback!
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