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Monday, July 10, 2006

Nurse Story
This week is kinda lax for me..well after my bday i should say because i am again in my transition period of processing my next assignment.My contract here in Fletcher Allen Health Care will end on August 6.I am not really being picky because if i dont wanna do some more interview with another prospective manager i could just renew my contract here..My current manager gave me a quick phone call 11 days ago and left me a message saying that she would be happy if i am to extend another contract.But there are a lot of things to consider.This is a good hospital but ive had some "crazy" unusual nights here.

i am working in a Cardio-Thoracic Unit..working with patients who underwent open-heart surgeries usually...with their medication drips,monitoring and chest tubes in place..and apparently the nurse:patient ratio is suppose to be 1:4 (that is,1 nurse w/ 4 patients).I am fine with that..Most of the time they are usually good with the staffing but there was one night(1 night only so far but im not really looking forward for another one!) when i had seven...7 patients under my precious hands.Handled the situation just the way any other nurse would handle i guess..what i mean is,i went ahead and work.i didn't fuzz around because it was in the middle of the night.I wouldnt fuzz around because i felt it was a situation i have to handle well coz if i will just open my mouth it will be for nothing..it will be left unheard anyway,so i chose to go ahead and do my job.I love my job.And i said to myself that these 7patients deserve the same amount,quality of care that i can give to my usual load of 4patients.And off i worked..

Morning came and i was exhausted.One of my patients told me i looked "tired"..and asked me if i had a busy night.Told her it was a busy but uneventful night for me...She asked further how many patients were there on the floor, told her census was 19 then she figured out there were only 3nurses for the night and came to the conclusion that if there were 19 patients with 3 nurses;One must have had seven...She of course learned i was the one who had seven..

Now,on top of her shocked she told me that i did a good job..i will quote her and this is exactly how she reacted:"You must be kidding me!?!Coz i actually felt like i was really taken cared of very well the whole night.You did a wonderful job and i thank you so much for the care that you've given me.You are a great instrument to my recovery".

Thank You..That's the reward of being a nurse i believe.Being appreciated...
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