Tinkerworld: Thursday Thirteen # NiNe
Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # NiNe

Thirteen Things about ME these past few days

1.I am not too happy with the place where I am right now.I am on my second week here at my current new travel assignment.That's why I am not even mentioning anything about it here in my blog because there's nothing worth mentioning anyway.

2. This place is very far from the very peaceful Vermont where i've been for the past 13 weeks.if only I could stay longer there till winter.

3. This place is too much of a city.People are not as friendly as the Vermonters.There's nothing to do here so i hope nobody's thinking that i could be in NYC because I love NYC.That's probably the only city-life worth living for me at least.

4. On the road,it's more stressful driving to work than being at work!Drivers are colorblind and some are blind even!

5. They see the RED light as GREEN!They dont know the meaning of speed limit here.They're pretending i guess not to know the meaning of those digits that they see on the road signs for the suppose-to-be speed limit.***gosh***

6. A lot of drivers are doing some multi-tasking WHILE driving!They think their car is the extension of their house that they eat their breakfast,DRINK their coffee,put on their make-up etc.Saw some writing/jotting down notes...And those are scenarios i see on the highway..not on a stop light..I wont be surprise if i see somebody one of these days brushing his teeth!

7. I am now working evening shift which is 3pm to 11pm.That is five days a week compared to my used-to-be very convenient schedule of working 12 hours(7pm to 7 am) for three nights per week.((but i think i'll be fine))

8. I am not so happy because i just found out a BIG ERROR on my paycheck!!i cannot afford such a big error on my paycheck!I called my recruiter,she didnt give me a straightforward answer but told me she was gonna call me back suppose to be before 3pm yesterday since i was working at 3pm.of course,i didnt get her call that's why im still awake at this time.Just sent her a very straightforward email about my BIG concern about such a HUGE ERROR!

9. My laptop crashed!!!I could not believe it's happening.I brought it to Best Buy earlier today to have the Geek Squad perform diagnostics which could probably take 2 days at least.Oh!And the diagnostics alone cost $69.I am one customer who does not avail of those service warranty that they offer on electronics coz i always thought that i take good care of my stuff well enough that the chances of them going wrong in the next 3 to 5 years is very minimal...I guess not in the case of this laptop.I love my laptop.It took me years to decide before shifting into a notebook from a desktop and then it took me months to choose till i finally decide on the one that just crashed!

10. I havent had the time lately for my other hobby which is scrapbooking.I am still so much into it that I am excited actually coz now I have *Tink* as my new subject for those cute puppy pages.But.it's just that i didn't had the time as I am busy with my puppy.Am enjoying her and at the same time I am still in the process of getting the hang of it.I am still trying to establish routine to incorporate my pet into my daily activities.

11. I am also in the process of finding a veterinarian as well as a groomer for her.I am thinking of enrolling in a pet education class too.But whatever,im enjoying this.

12. Am so glad and happy that my sister has finally gotten the chance to learn how to send me pictures through email with the use of my old Canon digital camera...Actually,it's not that old coz it's less than a year old.I just decided to buy another one so i can send that camera over to them so they can always send me pictures of my daughter all the time;even everyday!

13. Lastly,if you've notice that i didn't mention the place where I am right now for my current assignment.It's because,as i've said in my list number one.I AM NOT HAPPY TO BE HERE.It's a good thing I have *Tink* who always brighten my day.(aside from my daughter of course who is miles away from me but still she brightens my day and make my heart smile just thinking of her)

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