Tinkerworld: Thursday 13 # Sixteen
Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday 13 # Sixteen
Hello fellow thirteeners,i am finally back and i am making a little bit update about me for my comeback entry.Feel free by the way to check out my previous entry which features some of my photos from my vacation!happy thursday!

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Thirteen Updates about Kaye

1. I had a haircut!A short one!From a waist level hair to a shoulder level hair!What a big jump!I would say that I am not happy with my hair not because of the length but because of its over all appearance.I had a what they call "hair rebonding" when i was in the Philippines but it didnt turn out as good as the first time i had it done.I should have just left my long hair alone....tsk tsk tsk...but its been all done and i have to deal with it.I am thinking of having it fixed but HOW?

2. I went home last December 14 to attend my sister's Dec 18 wedding and i had a great time while I was there.I had to forget about diet.I forgot about exercise.I didnt really forget but I just pretended that I didnt had the time?!?I ate a lot!!It was really a whole lot of fatty,greasy and oily foods!All the sweets and oh everything that made me 6 lbs heavier when I came back here.(Note that I came back here in the US on the 27th so that means I only stayed there for about two weeks).

3. And while I was there in the Philippines,the whole family went to Pangasinan,in the islands.There was this creepy incident that happened to me while we were walking along a dark street during that cold first night,that night that we arrived!It was so creepy it followed me in my sleep that id rather not talk about it anymore especially here in my blog!Coz this aint no creepy and horror blog.He he he.

4. I was with my other puppy Tink when I went home.And I was so surprised that Philippines is much more strict when it comes to dogs.They require more paperwork upon arrival at the airport.And I found out that they are even more strict when it comes to getting your dog out of the Philippines!Huh?But of course,i was prepared!I was good in doing my assignment.

5. Ok if I was good in doing my paperwork assignment for Tink,I failed when it comes to my own preparation for my OWN departure.At the time of my departure,I didnt had enough money left to pay for the airport fees!I only remembered the P550(philippine pesos or $10)that I am suppose to pay at the immigration but I oh so forgot about the Philippine travel tax ek ek!And i only had just the exact amount of money that will cover the immigration fees and no more for the travel tax!And what is worse during this situation than finding an atm machoine that is not working????Ha ha ha.Thanks to a good samaritan who helped me in every way that he can!He was an airport employee and I tried to remember his name but it slipped my mind!

6. And of course as a result of situation #5,i almost missed my flight.Literally,the plane was waiting for me i think coz security was escorting me on my way to the gate with his radio in one hand telling the other person on the other end that the last passenger is already on her way!Ha ha ha!What a scene.I was the last passenger they had to seat...My elite status didnt do me any good this time coz usually I would board first but not if you're late in paying your dues i guess...

7. My first few days of coming back here,i was so tired!Ive never been tired like that!FOr real!I had to cancel myself for my first day of work coz i really couldnt make it!My fault actually,coz i put myself on the schedule the following day after arriving here!So it was no good at all for me to do that but i thought i could handle it but i guess not!But the bad thing there is that I had to make up some excuses for not coming to work.I didnt pretend to be sick but rather I told them that my flight was a few hours delayed from Japan!A little bit of lie there.

8. As Ive mentioned above,I brought Tink with me and she was left behind with Rider,my daughter's dog.It's not that I didnt want to coz i know that she will be in good hands or actually she will be in better hands coz there's practically more hands there who will take good care of her.So that's gonna be her temporary home for a while...she will come and join me here again someday of course..maybe soon coz i really miss that Tink of mine.My very playful Tink.She is such a treasure full of character.She is soo funny.I miss her following me around the house and just being beside me fooling and goofing around.But that is okay,she is giving joy to my family in the Philippines right now.I am happily sharing her with them!

9. Aubrey on the other hand had grown so tall and pretty I couldnt believe my eyes!And she is so fond of the dogs too!Our household has a total of 3 right now.Fishnet was the first one who belongs to my sister,April.Next one was Rider whom i bought for my daughter.And the 3rd of course is Tink!My daughter actually asked me to leave Tink behind!She is also a very responsible dog owner at her age ( she is 8 ) as she takes part in bathing the dogs.She feeds them..she makes sure they've got water handy at all times.She plays with them too a lot!

10. I am still in a mixed state of mind as to where to go for my next assignment.There are just a lot of things i have to do my mind is overflowing with everything.But i will do one thing at a time as always of course.During that two week stay in the Philippines,i has some sort of conflict with my bills.My car payment most especially.But I got that one settled already.They waived the late payment fee that they charged me coz the fault was not clearly on my side huh?But with regards to other billing matters,that has to take its natural course...i had about two credit cards that i forgot to pay.I didnt forget i guess but because of the change in timezones,i was delayed for a day or two to both of them.( i had been paying my bills online that is why ever since i started travelling ).

11 . Tax season is coming!I made a promise to myself to do it the earliest possible time for me this year!Last year was the worst coz i filed it last minute.Yes,mine was done April 15!Yes April 15 last day!yehey!

12. I have to mention that I am so disgusted and frustrated about the community where I am house right now!This is a nice place no doubt about that but last Monday morning,January 15..a young woman was found dead in the jacuzzi of this community!We are overly concern of course.Coz it happened right here inside the premises.There is clearly a question about security coz this is suppose to be "gated" community but sure there is a gate...that is non-functional.It's not because it is old or something.Coz when i moved in here,i was seeing signs everywhere for old residents to turn in their old cards in replacement for a new one.That is suppose to be the gate access card.Ive got mine but i never use it yet!No one here had ever used theirs yet coz the gates are not yet operational.Media was feasting on this incident of course.Especially after residents made some shocking revelations on TV.I have no idea what those revelations are coz i missed that on tv coz i had to go to work at that time.But as expected as a result of this unfortunate and sad event,the gates will be fully operational starting Friday.Whew!And oh by the way,aparently the management of this complex told the media to "get off the property" when they were being asked for an interview i believe?!?

13. I want another dog!I am so impressed with Rider that i am thinking of getting another shih tzu from his breeder.Especially after meeting them and their dogs..the more that i feel like i wanna have a female shih tzu from them.They do not just breed dogs but they mainly show them.I actually went to a dog show today and i think i am gonna enjoy dog shows.If those handlers can do it,why cant i?I have a few pictures from the dog show by the way that i will upload and share here sometime in the next few days maybe?

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