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Friday, September 22, 2006

::Tink Updates::

This is *tink* with her new dress.Her 1st dress.This was taken after I brought her for her grooming session at PetSmart last Saturday Sept 16.That was her first trip to the store as well and we had so much fun.So much fun that I had to buy her this cute dress.She got so many compliments from a lot of the customers who were shopping around.Mostly because of her blue eyes.Secondly because of her overall cuteness.

Last Sept 20,we (Tink and I ) went to our first puppy training class.Yes,we enrolled in a puppy training class also in PetSmart.It is an eight week class and we picked the Wednesday 10am session.It is a class for puppies so they can learn basic commands at an early age like the sit,stay,stop,come etc.Really it's a class for puppy owners so we willl know how to help our dogs become an obedient companion.The dogs in return will learn how to obey the said commands.I am enjoying everything I think.

Also,I am happy to mention here that *tink* is doing very good with the potty training.She now knows where to "poop" and "pee".Most of the time I dont even have to clean up spills from outside the pee pad.Cleaning part is getting better and better as nowadays all I had to do was just to toss out the soiled pee pads on the trash can.I feel a sense of accomplishment here as before I had to clean up even if she would go on the spot because oftentimes before, she would miss the pad actually.But now she is doing an almost perfect job by doing her "business" right on the spot,which is inside the pee pad.

When it comes to eating,I dont have any problem with her as she eats everything. Shih Tzus are not hard to please at all I guess.She eats well too.

She also had completed all of her vaccines already.Including the rabbies vaccine.I am still regularly deworming her though.

Right now,she's been regularly following me around the house everywhere in everything I do.She is right this moment in my lap as I am typing this entry.Now I understand why every dog owner especially shih tzu owners are happy and proud of their pets.These are cool and loving companions.They also blend well with children most importantly coz my daughter Aubrey is also very fond of my sister's Fishnet (also a shih tzu of course).Aubrey is already excited to meet *tink*.She's seen a lot of Tink's pics.

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