Tinkerworld: Introducing **Koda**
Friday, September 22, 2006

Introducing **Koda**
Meet my Koda..He is going to be my second shih tzu.A male one this time.Before I had Tink,I was looking and wanting a tricolor puppy that's why I fell in love with *tink* the first time I saw her.

But as the saying goes: " Shih Tzus are like potato chips,you can't have just one"..And this time around I patiently searched again on the net.And again,as before,I know what I like.For my second one,I decided Im gonna have a solid color shih tzu.And isn't it that everyone loves "chocolates"?So why not a chocolate colored shih tzu for me right?

Yay!And voila,after searching and exchanging emails with a lot of breeders...I even talked to at least three breeders on the phone I think.So anyway,after talking to "Rick",I knew that "this one's the chocolate for me".He interviewed me too by the way,making sure that his baby will have a wonderful and loving home ahead.And among the puppies that he has on his website,there were two of them that caught my eye.One named "Bacca" and one "Darien".Both are chocolates.Bacca is solid chocolate while Darien is dark chocolate.My heart really went out for the solid chocolate by the name of "Bacca" although brother Darien is just as cute really...(Yes really they are both so cute.)They were born July 28,2006 and wont be ready to go home till after Sept 22 which is today actually.And so I was sent out a contract thru email which I then printed out then signed and mailed it priority mail to the breeder.They are located in New York by the way.Of course,I also put up a downpayment for him.Woof!

I am gonna name him ::Koda::.This is from the name of the baby bear character in the Disney Movie "Brother Bear".This is a very good movie by the way.Most important significant here is that Aubrey loves this movie so much she probably watched this movie a hundred times.She couldnt forget how cute Koda was and she just loves the character Koda so much.Plus I got so fond of the Koda character in the movie too.

So there goes the story about Koda and why he's gonna be named such.And I will pick him up on October 7 by the way.Yehey!Am so excited.

P.S. *Tink* of course is after Tinkerbell,my own favorite character.
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