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Friday, October 26, 2007

♣Thursday 13 # 17 ♣

I'm making a comeback entry.I was away from Thursday Thirteen since January 2007 but Ive been in touch with a lot of Thirteeners by reading their blogs...Anyway,here's my entry for now and I will try to be an active participant again...Mwah!!!

Thirteen Things I have to do/had done to lose weight

1. I have to cut down on my rice intake....I already did but I am back on my usual intake of >1 cup per meal..

2. I already quit drinking sodas ; I drink reduced fat milk

3. I have to go to the gym regularly like i used to which used to be 3 to 4x a week.

4. I have to resist chocolates!!!!

5. I have to cut down on my coffee intake even if I only drink coffee @ work.I only work 3x a week yet i drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee while @ work...that doesnt make any sense I know...

6. I no longer eat the "skin" of chicken meat...may be the yummiest part especially if it's fried but already a NO NO to me...

7. I have to snack on fruits and yogurt instead of chips and pasta.

8. I am trying to snack on apple..trying hard..am not a fan of apple but this is one fruit that's easily available everywhere and besides I am beginning to love it actually..

9. I have to eat vegetables I guess more than meat...

10. I have to use vegetable oil I think as my cooking oil...

11. I have to drink water..sadly,i don't drink water everyday; I just realized.

12. I have to start using my exercise ball again @ home aside from my workout at the gym.

13. I dont have to say quit smoking nor drinking coz I dont do either of these anyway but I just thought I'd include this as my 13th

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